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Night on Fic Mountain Letter

Hello lovely gifter!

I am super excited to see what you make! I absolutely love all of these canons, and would love to get anything in any of them!

For fic: I love morally grey characters, unhealthy relationships, relationships set against events and conflicts that are so much larger than the character themselves and that pull the characters apart (especially relevent to Chaos Walking and Monstress). For porn, I love porn that lets the characterization and setting really shine through, and when applicable, when the background plot weaves into the scene, even if plot doesn't drive it. ANGST IS GREAT. ALWAYS.

My art thoughts are pretty fandom specific, with the exception of a preference for no modern AU images and if you go in a smut direction, then I would prefer no genitalia to be shown.

Chaos Walking
Mistress Coyle/Mistress Thrace; Mistress Coyle

Mistress Coyle is hands-down one of my favorite characters in this series, and I am deeply convinced that she and Mistress Thrace had an epic, conflict-ridden romantic relationship. (If you don’t remember, Mistress Thrace was a Healer who was heavily involved in the Spackle War. After the war, she was not given a position on the Council because many (including the Answer) felt she had too much of a liking for being in control. She used a bombinb campaign against Haven in protest, but this ended when a bomb misfired on her, almost fatally wounding her. Mistress Coyle saved her life. Mistress Coyle was kicked off the Council. Mistress Thrace was executed.)

-Coyle's short-lived political career in the Haven council.

-Coyle and Thrace in the Answer together, with a focus on the war politics, the conflict between Coyle and Thrace personally, the morality of the war, and/or the social reaction to wartime.

-The (possibly relationship ending) bitterness Thrace would have towards Coyle for being given a position on the Council when Thrace wasn't. (I picture Thrace being higher up on the chain of command for the Answer, and also being better-versed in warfare matters, while Coyle is more adept at political games and playing public opinion. Well, until she starts towards a semi-breakdown towards the end of her story. If you picture them differently, that's cool too. I just don't think many (any) others have thought over this pairing or Thrace's character.)

-Coyle and Thrace in prison together after the bomb misfire, Coyle for saving Thrace and Thrace awaiting trial/execution. They try to work out what happened between them and come to something resembing a reconcilliation.

-Coyle dealing with losing her position on the council alongside losing Thrace. Putting her life back together.

-Mistress Coyle struggling with the fact that power and ambition is a strong motivator for her. (Something she criticized Thrace for years ago.) Really anything in which she sees heaping parallels between herself and Thrace, and angsting over it.

I am very emotional about Mistress Coyle, and I ramble about her character a lot here: http://corinne-the-healer.tumblr.com/tagged/mistress+coyle/

-I have outlined my Coyle/Thrace headcanons here: http://corinne-the-healer.tumblr.com/post/56033685742/oooh-do-tell-some-thrace-coyle-headacanons#notes

Feel free to use any of these, all of them, none of them. I would love to hear some other takes on these characters.

General likes: Moral ambiguity, complex and tortured characters, the uncertainty of history, manipulation, politics, the effects of war on individuals, oh my god the worldbuilding, unhealthy and toxic relationships, guilt, a person viewing their actions as wrong but necessary (so they are sacrificing their morality for the greater good), characters with a bit of a death wish; ANGST

DNW: PWP (though sex scenes in a larger context or references to sex are great); fluff; AUs


-Coyle and Thrace (or just Coyle) standing badassly against a backdrop of explosions and/or other forms of domestic terrorism.

-As an extension of that idea, a sort of before and after picture of Coyle (with Thrace and/or the Answer in general) during the first Spackle War, and a later picture of Coyle with her reboot of the Answer, 13-ish years later.

-Those two prompts above would be really cool in a more stylized look, not sticking to realisticness quite so much. Dramatic color schemes! Shadows! Maybe it could have a comic book cover feel?

-Propaganda posters and wanted posters! Posters made by the Answer during the first war, celebrating their silent soldiers. Coyle looking at a wanted poster for Thrace after the war, with lots of angsty emotion. Posters against Coyle during her campaign against Prentiss.

-Coyle and Thrace doing a stealth bomb-planting mission

Loki: Agent of Asgard
Lady Loki/Lorelei; Lady Loki

Note: I am not very familiar with canon outside of Agent of Asgard, and some of Journey into Mystery. Feel free to work in some additional material from outside these canons, or completely ignore them.

Prompts! (A lot of these are shippy prompts with room for porn, but I am fine with any rating. Fade to black is great. Explicit kinky porn is great. Flirting and innuendo without an implicit or explicit sex scene is great. Everything is great. Go for whatever you like.)

Fic (and a lot of these work for art as well)

-Lady Loki and Lorelei on another heist together, being very gay with each other. Bankrobber femslash with heaping amounts of banter. Loki surprising Lorelei by being smoothly romantic (and then maybe ruining it with some snark). Preferably after Lorelei knows that Loki is Loki. Maybe play off of Lorelei’s comment that old Loki was not as comfortable in female form (while new Loki is very comfortable).

-Frenemy sex while plotting intricate robberies. Sex during a heist, for added challenge.

-While I wouldn’t want a full-blow A/B/O scenario, I would love to see something where Loki experiences heats due to his handwavy frost giant biology, preferably something other than the intersex trope in MCU Loki fandom. Loki/Lorelei would be great here. Verity finding out would be amazing, especially for the potential there to inject a lot of humor into the situation. Honestly, I would love a non-shippy take on Verity finding out just as much as a shippy take.

-Lady!Loki and Verity starting a FWB relationship. The balance can lean more towards the friends side or more towards the benefits side. It can develop into something more, or stay casual.

-Goddess of Stories Loki shows up at Verity’s place a bit sooner (aka not shortly before the end of the world) than in canon. They are able to have a more drawn out introduction/reunion, and Verity can have more time to reflect on this new Loki. Cautiously curious femslash would be great here. I would be especially interested in “It seemed like a good idea at the time” moments of this Loki not being that great at knowing what is appropriate friendships or relationships.

-Lady Loki and Verity exploring the universe together. Space adventuring! TIme travel adventuring because why not? Maybe they become local legends in some of the places where they travel. What better team is there than the God(dess) of Lies/Stories/Magic and the Human Lie Detector!

If you are looking to write gen, my general likes fit into that pretty well. I would love gen as much as ship!fic! I just am not always the best at writing gen promps.

What I like about this canon: the whole lies=stories=magic thing; Loki being a little shit in the endearing, lovable scamp way; technologically proficient Loki; LADY LOKI (date me); the friendship between Loki and Verity; Loki's angst over kid!Loki; arguably canon genderfluid (or whatever word would best fit here) Loki; Slipping Verity’s lie-detecting power into the narration (either for humor or emotional impact)

Porn likes: D/s (with a slight preference for Dom!Lady Loki); F/F pregnancy; bondage; wrestling; exploration

DNW: A/B/O; character death


Lady Loki. Whoa. Wow. Lady Loki lounging around the apartment. Lady Loki in heist gear with Lorelei. Lady Loki and Verity wandering the universe. I would love something that really brings out Loki's lively, mischievous, playful expressions.

Atena/Sophia (whoops I spelled it wrong in nominations)

Whoot whoot, science lesbian witch nuns who kiss sometimes! So I know this is a pretty new canon and the next issue isn't out yet, so if you want to incorporate that or not is 100% up to you. ANGST IS GREAT.


Especially after the reveal with Atena this most recent issue, I need so much more! What is Atena's plan to save the arcanics? I like to think her feelings for Sophia are genuine, so how does she reconcile her pro-arcanic views (and apparent conscience) with Sophia's...well, everything. Child mutilation and murder, slaveholding, yeah. I love characters who try to do good but miss the mark in a lot of ways. Is celibacy practiced in by the cumaea? Do Atena and Sophia put up any sort of not-romantically-involved pretense in public? Does Sophia know or suspect Atena's sympathies? How did they first end up together? Did Atena start the relationship with undercover ulterior motives, and end up falling for Sophia over time?

DNW: Character death; alternate settings


Visually, I absolutely love the design for Sophia when we first meet her. Ornate, beautiful, sexy, evil, kind of larger than life. I would love to see something that contrasts that visual with quieter and less dramataic visuals for Atena. Something that really conveys their power would be great. Them fighting together = A+. Maybe something with Sophia partially healed but still scarred?

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812
Helene/Natasha; Anatole/Dolokhov/Helene; Helene/Anatole

What I like about this canon: hedonistic party atmosphere + romantic intrigue + 19th century Moscow setting. Opulance!

General likes: Incest; period-appropriate homophobia and characters navigating that; social taboos; really revelling in the setting; ANGST

I would love any rating. I love hints and innuendos just as much as kinky PWP.

DNW: Alternate settings.



-This excerpt from an interview with Lucas Steele (Anatole) is deeply inspiring:
“And though we don’t play it out, there is definitely something incestuous going on between Anatole and Helene. There’s also a backstory going on with his buddy, Dolokhov. Anatole’s a guy who likes his pleasure.”

The incestuous threesome practically writes itself!

I would equally love a focus on the individual sides of this OT3, or all of them together. Or both.

-Anatole and Helene's first time geting all incesty together.

-Anatole and Helene in an established relationship, hiding their relationship, laughing at rumors, or seeing how close they can get to revealing their relationship without actually doing it (in a sort of thrill-seeking, almost exhibitionist way)

-The above prompt also very much applies to Anatole/Dolokhov, and Anatole/Helene/Dolokhov.

-That part is Charming when Helene reveals that she is seducing Natasha for her brother and not for herself is the biggest plot twist in all of musical theatre (and Charming remains the least heterosexual song about trying to get your brother laid by a woman ever written). How about an AU where Helene is there to seduce Natasha? (Ratings T through E are all awesome.)


I have no preference which actors you style the characters after.

-Ball scenes with characters ~flirting~/dancing with one character, while sneakily making eyes at someone else who they can't openly flirt and dance with.

-Characters lazing together on a sofa and/or by a fire. Drinking a bit. Maybe making out. Maybe having mussed up hair.

-Balls with pretty dresses and pretty decorations. I am shallow. What can I say?

-Natasha in a corset and garters and stockings during Charming. (Again, shallow.) The corset is sort of seen here. Helene being there. As Natasha is changing. In this outfit.