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Hi Femslash writer! 


As a general rule, I love morally grey characters and morally awful characters, characters who try to be good (to varying degrees of success) and characters who just don't give a fuck. Characters who revel in badness. Good characters getting a taste of danger, rebellion, excitement, adventure, and destruction.

For ratings, I love all sorts of stuff. I love porn. I love fade-to-black. I love flirting and innuendo and longing. SEDUCTION. Confident flirting. I love vague, two-sentence descriptions of sex against a backdrop of adventure, tragic set-ups, plotty whirlwinds, whatever.

If you do go for porn, some of my favorite kinks and sexy tropes include: BONDAGE, lingerie, breathplay, edging, over-the-clothes-desperate-can't-wait-un
til-we're-undressed frottage, fpreg), wrestling turning into sex, biting, scratching, lots of attention being payed to breasts.

DNW: Quiet, saccharine fluff; domesticity; dubcon/noncon (exceptions detailed under Great Comet and Crimson Peak); AU settings; characters feeling guilt over attraction to other women (although acknowledging period-typical homophobia in the background society when applicable is A+)

Historical RPF (Anne Bonny/Mary Read)

A quick (and probably pretty butchered) summary of Anne Bonnie and Mary Read, if you’re not familiar:
Once upon a time, Anne Bonnie was a pirate involved with the ship captain Calico Jack. One day, they captured a merchant ship and its crew, including the disguised-as-a-man Mary Read. Anne Bonnie, also disguised as a man, became attracted to Mary Read, and eventually reveals to Mary that she is actually a woman. (Some articles suggest this may have involved breast baring.) Mary then reveals the same thing to Anne, maybe with more breast baring. All accounts I’ve found suggest that this reveal was disappointing to both Anne and Mary, and they did not end up having any sort of affair. They just continued on their pirate lives, gaining reputations for their hot tempers, heavy swearing, and fierce fighting.
My prompt is simple: 

Turn this into historical lady pirate femslash. It could be at the point when Anne tries to seduce Mary by revealing she is a woman. (It sounds like there were a lot of breasts out at that particular moment). Or them fighting side by side, as lady pirate lovers. Anne and Mary armed to the teeth with all sorts of guns and swords. Getting into duels for one another, or one talking another out of a duel. Duel plots = <3.  Really anything. I am not hard to please when it comes to pirate femslash.
Feel free to ignore any health and hygiene issues associated with pirate life. Feel free to romanticize the hell out of pirate life. 

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 (Helene/Natasha)

Helene seducing Natasha under the glitz and glittering splendor of Moscow high society. I am especially in love with the idea of Helene starting off their affair as something more casual and manipulative, and growing into more genuine affection over time. 

Art thoughts!

I have no preference which actors you style the characters after.
-Ball scenes with characters ~flirting~/dancing with one character, while sneakily making eyes at someone else who they can't openly flirt and dance with.

-Characters lazing together on a sofa and/or by a fire. Drinking a bit. Maybe making out. Maybe having mussed up hair.

-Balls with pretty dresses and pretty decorations. I am shallow. What can I say?

-Natasha in a corset and garters and stockings during Charming. (Again, shallow.) The corset is sort of seen here. Helene being there. As Natasha is changing. In this outfit.

Marvel 616 (Lorelei/Lady Loki)

I love the dynamic between them, and would love to see Loki being mischeivous, enthusiastic, playful, and sweet (but also frustrating), and Lorelei being caught between "Fuck it, I am never seeing Loki again so long as I live" and "Let's fuck."

Some prompts:

Lady Loki and Lorelei on another heist together, being very gay with each other. Bankrobber femslash with heaping amounts of banter. Frenemy sex while plotting intricate robberies. Loki surprising Lorelei by being smoothly romantic (and then maybe ruining it with some snark). A combination of blowing off steam from the heist and continuing a competitive game of one-upping each other. Maybe play off of Lorelei’s comment that old Loki was not as comfortable in female form (while new Loki is very comfortable).

-Loki goes through heats, and Lorelei helps out. Bonus points if fpreg happens. Or is implied. Or even mentioned in passing as a possibility.

-Really, anything fpreg. That is huge for me in canons with magic elements.

-Porn note: I LOVE D/s for them.
If you go the D/s route, I have a slight preference for Dom!Loki.

Star Wars (Padme/Sabe; Padme/Dorme)

Padme/Handmaiden-bodyguard femslash! What more is there in life?

Note: Feel free to play pretty fast and loose with the prequel canon and storyline. I like to think canon can become very flexible when there is potential for femslash scenarios.

There is just SO MUCH you can do with these ships!

-A shippy take on the dressing/undressing/hair doing/general caretending. There is so much room to play around with the complexity of Padmé's outfits here!

-Political intrigue as a backdrop for their relationship

-Loyalty kink

-Ok, so I love the idea of a massively canon-divergent AU where Dormé sort of replaces Anakin. She is discovered to be very force-sensitive, and through some sort of handwave-y set up, ends up training as a Jedi while also continuing to serve as a bodyguard and handmaiden for Padmé. Maybe she travels and trains, ending up guarding Padmé around the time Anakin did in the movies, or maybe she stays by Padmé side nearly the whole time. Maybe Dormé even faces tempation from the Dark Side. Maybe her temptation comes more from a reluctant desire for power, or rather, to gain power for Padmé, causing major tension between the two of them.

I would also be very, very into keeping the pregnancy plot, if that's something you would be down for writing. Magical Force fpreg? Yes, please.

-Sabé learning to properly imitate Padmé, and Padmé learning handmaiden tasks.

-Padmé and either Dorme or Sabe playing with the role reversals that come up when she is acting as her Padme's decoy. Maybe in a friendly and joking way. Maybe in a sexy roleplay way. Maybe both!

Harry Potter (Ginny/Fleur)

I love the idea of Fleur and a slightly aged up Ginny having a relationship during the Triwizard Tournament. (AU where Ginny is ~two or three years older than she is in the book.) Of Ginny's dislike of Phlegm being used to cover a reluctant attraction, and eventually warming into genuine feelings for her. Of Ginny realizing she gets caught up with Fleur's 1/4 veela charms, and getting pissed about it (and overcompensating by loudly talking about how much she dislikes Fleur). Of them sneaking around during the first part of the year and then going to the Yule Ball together. 

Crimson Peak (Edith/Lucille)


-Edith doesn’t go for Thomas’s advances because she doesn’t swing that way, and so Lucille has to have a go at her. 

-Lucille seduces Edith after Edith has married Thomas, as an extension of her possessiveness towards Thomas and maybe coming from some sort of territorial feelings.

-Lucille developing a strange, murdery affection for Edith after she moves into the mansion. A very dubconny sensuality arising out of Lucille nursing her through her poisoning. 

-Consent issues are fantastic here, especially of the drugging and noncon somnophilia variety.

Art thoughts:


-Maybe a shippy take on their final fight? (Nightgown porn + long flowy hair + knives + blood and murder + FEMSLASH)

-Really playing with the dark, decaying opulence of the film's atmosphere

-Maybe something that contrasts Edith's vivacious beauty with Lucille's darkness/murderyness


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