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Dear May the 4th author! I can't make the paragraphs work right, but the letter is up!

Thank you! I am so excited to see what you come up with. This whole canon just fills me with so much joy, and there is SO MUCH room to play around with it in fic. So, let's get started!

In general, one of my favorite things about Star Wars is the vibrant, sprawling universe—all the little details that really flesh it out, all the lively and engaging characters. It is amazing. If I could live in any fiction universe, it would be Star Wars. I want to live in Star Wars.

As far as what type of fic/fanart I'm interested in, there is a pretty wide range of what I like. From political/royal slice of life with costume porn to kinky actual porn, and everything in between. Inappropriate use of the Force is also a very applicable trope.

Every prompt and suggestion here is entirely here as a springboard. Feel free to take a prompt and spin it however you like. Feel free to ignore any part of a prompt that doesn't interest you, or to run off in an entirely unmentioned direction!

Some general DNWs include: Any AUs that take place outside of the Star Wars universe; excessive fluff

An additional note: if anything I say here is contradictory, or if I left anything out that you'd like clarification on, let me know! My brain is in a study coma from EMT exam cramming (I passed!), so there is a very high likelihood that something here will make no sense.

And now for specific prompts:

Kylo Ren/Rey

My tastes for this particular ship make a lot of room for kinky-ness, although I am also open to sexual tension that doesn't get resolved on screen. Implications, UST, vaguely described sex that doesn't cross the line to porn, fade-to-blacks. All great! I love it all!

So there are quite a few variations of this that I am interested in:

-Enemies with benefits. As they work for their respective sides, their paths cross, and they have angry hatesex in between trying to kill each other. (With Rey being more dominant, and Kylo being subby-er.)

-Sex pollen! This ship was made for sex pollen. Also non-ABO heats would fit here just as well. The sexual tension in their encounters builds up until—boom!—sex pollen. Followed by angry, rough, violent, cathartic sex with lots of teeth, nails, and

-Rey goes Dark Side and ends up rapidly surpassing Ren, leading to a lot of resentment on his part, mixed with reluctantly being really turned on my her ability to thoroughly beat his ass.

-Dub-con/non-con role swap!AU of the interrogation scene where Rey is Dark Side and Ren is Light Side. Bonus points for dark!Rey forcibly pleasuring Jedi!Ren.

-Dub-con/non-con AU of the interrogation scene where both Ren and Rey are women.

-They are forced to work together in order to survive for whatever reason. (Maybe stranded on remote, inhospitable planet?)

Art Notes:

-I really love fanart that plays with their differing color themes.

-My favorite art dynamic for this ship is art that gives both of them a sense of wild ferocity and hostility.

Hux/Kylo Ren

With this ship, I gravitate most towards works that really play up the antagonistic side of their relationship. (Angry coworkers with benefits?) I really love so many of the tropes I've seen sprout up around this, including uniform kink, force choking, kneeling, boot kissing/licking (I'm actually not sure if I've seen this outside of my own imagination), D/s dynamics (with Dom!Hux and sub!Kylo). All that jazz.

I am totally open to generally playing around with their dynamic in a sort of slice-of-evil-life scene without much plot around it, but for scenario prompts, I would love to see Ren fall in status after the events of the first movie and how his change in status could affect their dynamic. Lots of really excellent angst potential there.

Kylo Ren/Poe Dameron

So there are three scenarios that I really adore for this particular ship:

-Non-con interpretation of the interrogation scene, especially if it involves Force compulsion and forced pleasure.

-Ren/Ben and Poe had a thing before Ren/Ben went Dark Side (maybe with Poe being 5 years older or so, bringing in some potential issues there). It would be interesting to see either their relationship when this occurred, as well as seeing this color their dynamic at the point in time when the movies take place.

-Poe is sent to the First Order to seduce Ren back to the Light.


Bodyguard handmaiden/senator femslash! What more is there in life?

Note: Feel free to play pretty fast and loose with the prequel canon and storyline. I like to think canon can become very flexible when there is potential for femslash scenarios.

There is just SO MUCH you can do with this ship.

-A shippy take on the dressing/undressing/hair doing/general caretending. There is so much room to play around with the complexity of Padmé's outfits here!

-Political intrigue as a backdrop for their relationship

-Loyalty kink

-Massively canon-divergent AU where Dormé sort of replaces Anakin. She is discovered to be very force-sensitive, and through some sort of handwaive-y set up, ends up training as a Jedi while also continuing to serve as a bodyguard and handmaiden for Padmé. Maybe she travels and trains, ending up guarding Padmé around the time Anakin did in the movies, or maybe she stays by Padmé side nearly the whole time. Maybe Dormé even faces tempation from the Dark Side. Maybe her temptation comes more from a reluctant desire for power, or rather, to gain power for Padmé, causing major tension between the two of them.
ETA: I would also be very, very into keeping the pregnancy plot, if that's something you would be down for writing. Magical Force fpreg? Yes, please.

-There is so much more. Oh my god. Literally whatever you do here will be great. I love the idea of this ship to bits.


-Basically every femslash request from the Padmé/Dormé prompt applies here as well.

-Sabé learning to properly imitate Padmé, and Padmé learning handmaiden tasks.

-Even more elaborate dressing/undressing with Padmé as queen!

-Padmé and Sabé playing with the role reversals that come up when Sabé is acting as her queen decoy. Maybe in a friendly and joking way. Maybe in a sexy roleplay way. Maybe both!

-Sabé/another handmaiden would also be very interesting!

-For gen prompts, any sort of slice-of-life fic showing her life as a handmaiden/bodyguard/decoy would be fantastic. This in particular would be a great spot to add world-building details and to really show off how vibrant the Star Wars universe is.

-More gen: Sabé's training. How she ended up working as a handmaiden. Where she went after being a handmaiden. Maybe she died in an assassination attempt (yay angst!). Maybe she left and went on to a political career of her own. Or to another security position. Or another personal attendent position. Or went travelling! Who knows? The sky's the limit!


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