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Dear Smut Writer!

Thank you so much for whatever it is you are about to write. I love it already!

So, all the prompts here are super optional. They are here as a springboard for the beautiful porn you are about to write! (And also as an indication of my tastes beyond my kink tags.) Feel free to mash them up, pick out you like and ignore what you don't, follow them to the letter. Whatever. Go where the story (and the smut) leads you! I am very easy to please, and there is not a single pairing + kink combination here that I don't absolutely adore. Honest to god, I am so equally enthusiastic about each and every prompt and pairing and kink here. So much excitement! :D

I love smut that lets the characters, their dynamics, and the setting really shine through. Some kinks that I pretty much always love, even if I didn't tag, include: BONDAGE, lingerie, breathplay, blowjobs (in m/m pairings), edging, over-the-clothes-desperate-can't-wait-until-we're-undressed frottage, fpreg when possible (for f/f ships), wrestling turning into sex, biting, scratching

General DNWs: Modern AUs, watersports, vomit, characters 15 years old or younger in sex scenes, fluff, A/B/O (although I do like heats and f/f or m/m pregnancies, just not in the context of A/B/O)

Lady Loki/Lorelei (Agent of Asgard)

  • Tags:Bondage, Corsetry, Femdom, Gags, Mating Cycles/Heats, Fpreg, orgasm control/edging

Any tag (or all, if you're feeling ambitious): -Lady Loki and Lorelei on another heist together, being very gay with each other. Bankrobber femslash with heaping amounts of banter. Frenemy sex while plotting intricate robberies. Loki surprising Lorelei by being smoothly romantic (and then maybe ruining it with some snark that doesn't play over as well).A combination of blowing off steam from the heist and continuing a competitive game of one-upping each other.

Fpreg: After a casual encounter(s) with Lorelei, Lady!Loki ends up accidentally pregnant

Heats: Loki goes through heats, and Lorelei helps out. Bonus points if fpreg happens. Or is implied. Or even mentioned in passing as a possibility.

General likes: Maybe play off of Lorelei’s comment that old Loki was not as comfortable in female form (while new Loki is very comfortable). I love the dynamic between them, and would love to see Loki being mischeivous, enthusiastic, playful, and sweet (but also frustrating), and Lorelei being caught between "Fuck it, I am never seeing Loki again so long as I live" and "Let's fuck."

DNW: Sex between them when Lorelei doesn't know Loki is Loki.

King Loki/Loki (Agent of Asgard)

Tags: Rape, Forced Orgasm, Unwelcome Arousal, Slut Shaming, Sex with Prisoner, Dirty Bad Wrong

NOTE: In my optional details, I said I would prefer no anal. I have actually changed my mind on that. Anal would be great so long as it's in combination with blowjobs, handjobs, and/or rimming. (Also, if you wanted to take and mpreg route with that, I would definitely not object.)

You know that time when King Loki had AoA Loki muzzled, shirtless, and tied to a chair? What if that whole scene went in a much more non-con direction? I would love blowjobs, handjobs, and rimming in this scenario.

Some notes--

Forced orgasm/unwelcome arousal: No one knows Loki like Loki does, and no one knows how to get Loki off like Loki does. AoA Loki *hates* how good it is.

Slut shaming: King Loki knows AoA Loki's past, including his (very extensive) sexual history.

General likes: Forced pleasure and humiliation at that pleasure.

DNW: Consenting Loki. Loki not being aroused.

Harry Potter
Cho/Luna; Fleur/Ginny; Luna/Ginny; Fleur/Tonks; Tonks/GInny

Tags: orgasm control/edging; lingerie; bets & wagers; kink exploration; experienced/inexperienced; nipple/breast play; fingerfucking; secret relationships/forbidden relationships

I love Harry Potter femslash! I am not terribly picky how you get there. I would especially these ships in an AU where whatever other romantic relationships the character would have been in at the time just didn't happen.

Ginny/Luna and Cho/Luna: I love using the whole boarding school aspect as a set-up. I love casual experimentation, especially where one character is experienced and the other is not. I love secret relationships where they keep secret not because they have to, but because they like the dynamic it adds to their relationship. I would also love to see Ginny and Luna sneak off during Bill and Fleur's wedding. Also, I would love either something lighter during the more normal Hogwarts years, or something darker during the events of the seventh book.

Fleur/Ginny: I love the idea of Fleur and a slightly aged up Ginny having a relationship during the Triwizard Tournament. (AU where Ginny is ~two or three years older than she is in the book.) Of Ginny's dislike of Phlegm being used to cover a reluctant attraction, and eventually warming into genuine feelings for her. Of Ginny realizing she gets caught up with Fleur's veela charms, and getting pissed about it (and overcompensating by loudly talking about how much she dislikes Fleur). Of them sneaking around during the first part of the year and then going to the Yule Ball together. Experienced Fleur/Inexperienced (but still confident, commanding, and quick learning) Ginny would be amazing.

Fleur/Tonks: Fleur gets connected with the Order through her non-dating friend Bill Weasley. She and Tonks end up in a relationship. Maybe it started as a way to blow off steam after going on missions together and turned into something more serious?

Ginny/Tonks: Maybe Tonks and Ginny have a casual hook-up around the time of Bill's wedding. Or maybe you could do an AU where Tonks survives the battle and Lupin does not. Ginny helps with nursing Tonks back to health (maybe not too skillfully; maybe she's a better fighter than healer) and taking care of Teddy. This turns into something more.

DNW: Sex involving characters 15 or younger (feel free to handwavingly age up characters however). Dub-con/non-con. Infidelity.

Montparnasse/Jehan Prouvaire (Les Miserables)

Tags: knifeplay, semi-public sex, secret/forbidden relationships, painplay, au- demons, blood magic

Canon era only, please.

-A mugging goes a little bit differently than planned.

-Jehan and Montparnasse have regular encounters, sometimes in an empty building, sometimes in a city park, sometimes in a church, sometimes in an alley.

-(KNIFEPLAY. I just want to reiterate that tag.)

-AU where Montparnasse is a demon. Maybe Jehan summons him while playing around with occult rituals. Maybe Montparnasse is a sex demon that specializes in tempting mortals, either through demon magic or through a skillful tongue (heh). Maybe demons roam the Paris streets at night, and Jehan has an encounter.

General likes: I love all of the dark Romantic fanon around Jehan, and feel like a kinky relationship with Montparnasse is the perfect way to bring that out! I feel that this relationship would be strongly based on fantasies for both characters. Feel free to bring in Jehan's death, if that's a route you want to take.

DNW: Non-con. Alternate settings.

Loki/Thor (MCU)

Tags: Erotic electrostimulation, superpower sex, punishment, rough sex, sex with prisoner, handcuffs, chains, painplay, bdsm, caning


-Thor confronts Loki in his cell after the events of The Avengers. It turns into angry, punishment sex on Thor's end, with an unhealthy dose of masochism on Loki's end. Thor using his lightning powers on Loki would be amazing. As would the use of Lichtenburg figures (branching marks on the skin that occasionally occur when high voltage electricity discharges across the skin). References to a past sexual relationship are A+.

-A pre-movie scene where Loki has masochistic tendencies and convinces Thor to help him indulge them. I would especially like an initially reluctant Thor who ends up getting very into it. Loki being adamantly enthusiastic is also fantastic, as is Loki setting up a safeword so he can loudly protest without having Thor stop.

General likes: Masochistic Loki. Loki and Thor can't live without each other, even when there are mountains of hate and anger between them. They get off on the incest aspect. Blowjobs blowjobs blowjobs blowjobs. Dub-con, especially for the punishment prompt. Loki bringing up the possibility of pregnancy (more as a statement of fact than a warning), even if it Loki mpreg doesn't actually happen. Although Loki mpreg would be very welcomed (so long as others don't learn that Thor is the father).

DNW: Raised separately AUs. Not-incest AUs. Intersex Jotuns. Friends and/or family knowing about the incest. Non-con

Original Work

Tags: Fpreg, unplanned pregnancy, body worship, telekinetic sex, superpower sex, breast worship

I would love either a historically-set fic, or a scifi/fantasy fic.

Breast/body worship: I would love either the worship to be aimed towards the goddess, or for the goddess to be absolutely overwhelmed by the priestess's body. Doting and adoring.

Fpreg/Unplanned pregnancy: The goddess ends up impregnating the priestess. Maybe she does so purposefully. Maybe it is merely something that pops up. Maybe the goddess visits the priestess repeatedly throughout the pregnancy. Basically, MAGICAL FEMSLASH PREGNANCY.

Superpower sex/Telekinetic sex: The goddess has certain powers that she either uses to enhance the sex or accidentally unleashes throughout the sex. Or maybe the priestess can channel the goddess's power during sex.

Original Work:
Female Pirate/Female Stowaway; Female Bandit/Female Noblewoman; Female Private Eye/Femme Fatale

Tags: Slap slap kiss; bondage, scratching, corsetry

Feel free to play around with the named roles here. I'm fine if you treat them more as guidelines.

Space AUs are amazing. Lesbians in space = fave. Fantasy AUs are also fantastic. (I like fantasy worlds that draw various real-world cultures for inspiration.)

Bandit/Noblewoman: I would be very much into a highway robbery set-up here. The noblewoman takes out the stagecoach of a single noblewoman (maybe unmarried, maybe widowed). The noblewoman doesn't back down without a fight. They have a spitfire exchange mixed in with fighting (tropey fencing???) which leads to fighting.

Also, I would be super into making the noblewoman a servant instead.

Female space pirate/female stowaway: Maybe the stowaway is a poor girl looking for a new life. Maybe she is a (space) criminal looking to escape imprisonment or execution. Maybe she is an escaped (space) nun looking for adventure. Maybe she is a wealthy (space) noblewoman looking for freedom. Feel free to romanticize the shit out of pirate life.

Female private eye/Femme fatale: A remarkably successful private eye has a romantic and sexual history with the REMARKABLY SEXY femme fatale criminal mastermind, and old habits die hard. Maybe she used to be involved in criminal activity. Maybe the femme fatale started a relationship with her while hiding her identity (exception to dub-con DNW), leading to a startling relevation/betrayal. The femme fatale occasionally pays her a visit, and the private eye occasionally reaches out to her when she needs a criminal connection.

General likes: LESBIANS.

DNW: Dub-con/Non-con.

Kylo Ren/Rey (Star Wars)

Tags: Fpreg, AU- canonical male character always a girl, object insertion, femdom

I like "Kylo Ren" being a [Title] [First Name] situation, not a [First Name][Last Name] situation. Basically, I prefer "Ren" being used as a first name, as opposed to "Kylo".

I am not a huge fan of Ren being called stunningly attractive.

Always a girl!Ren:
-A femslash non-con version of the interrogation scene. (Especially if the focus is on getting Rey off. Forced pleasure, forced orgasm, all good.)

-Rey and fem!Ren end up in a sort of enemies with benefits situation. Their work for their respective causes means they clash fairly frequently. Fighting often turns into angry femslash hatesex.

Fpreg: AU where fem!Ren and Rey make a Force baby. I really love scifi/fantasy F/F pregnancy, and the Force is a wonderful tool to justify it here. I especially like the idea of them remaining enemies, having sporadic, hero/villain hatesex in between trying to kill one another. I would prefer the pregnancy be an accident, something that neither of them even knew was possible. I have no preference about whether fem!Kylo Ren or Rey is the character that ends up pregnant.

Object insertion: Rey fucks Kylo Ren with a (turned off) light saber. (Preferably dude!Ren.) This could take place in the context of enemies with benefits hatesex?

-I would love a femdom dynamic in any of the above prompts. I would especially love it if Ren massively gets off to Rey kicking his (or her) ass. He hates how much it turns him on, and he would never admit it, but his dick really does love it. (Oh, what a boner he had after being left in the snow with a burn across his face.)

-Also, as with the object insertion, this could take place in the context of enemies with benefits hatesex. Or an AU where Rey does go Dark Side and quickly surpasses him as a student, and their sex is flavored with competitiveness and the knowledge that her success is rapidly making Ren expendable.

General likes: Dark Rey. Reluctantly subby Ren. Rey being in control with dude!Ren.

DNW: Het pregnancy. M/f non-con (or dub-con in which the power imbalance favors dude!Ren). Dude!Ren fucking Rey with a lightsaber.

Rey/Jessica Pava; Rey/Female Alien (Star Wars TFA)

Tags: Fpreg, unplanned pregnancy, pregnancy kink, mating cycles/in heat

Rey ends up in a relationship with another woman and gets the other woman pregnant through Force magic. Maybe the woman is Jessica Pava. Maybe she is an alien woman we haven't met yet. (Maybe a Togruta alien? I would prefer a humanoid species.)

Maybe Rey doesn't realize that the Force can do this, and the pregnancy is a complete surprise. Maybe she goes through heat-like periods of Force-induced fertility. Maybe she knows that sex during those times could get the other woman pregnant, and the other woman wants that.

Rey loving her girlfriend's pregnancy and supporting her through it is fantastic.

DNW: Dub-con/non-con. Non-humanoid aliens.

Ruby/Anna (Supernatural)

Tags: Fpreg, unplanned pregnancy, experienced/inexperienced, "thank god we're alive" sex, begging, frottage, lingerie, rending of clothing, teasing

-The fun times they had while alone in the cabin

-Ruby teaches Anna the ropes.

-AU where they both defect from their own sides and go on the run together, in an "us against the world" way. They end up caught between just trying to live their lives and trying to save the world (which Anna tries to drag Ruby into; Ruby agrees because how could she say no to Anna). This would work especially well for "Thank God we're alive!" sex.

-During this canon-divergent AU, one of them ends up pregnant through divine/devilish magic. This complicates things, but they also love it.

-I would love something that plays with Anna's angelic nature.

Likes: Playing up the differences in their personalities, the texture and conflict that adds to their relationship, and the way they love these differences in each other. "Us against the world" dynamics. Powers accidentally letting loose during sex. Temptation.

DNW: Character death. Dub-con/non-con. Evil Ruby.


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