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Greetings, Incest Gifter!

First things first, I am super sorry this letter took so long! 

I am so in love with codependent, viciously protective sibling incest. Siblings whose love for one another is simultaneously their greatest strength and their greatest weakness. I love angst in these sorts of relationships. Angst from their incestuous relationship and what it may mean about them as a person. Angst because they are hopelessly in love with each other in a way that is thoroughly reviled by society. Angst because of the plot complications around them. All good stuff.

Fic Likes: Bittersweet and complicated angst; morally grey characters; really playing up the darker, greyer, more complex parts of a character; revelling in the setting and overall set-up of the canon; PORN; early, happy parts of a relationship made bittersweet due to the knowledge of what the characters will face later; SECRECY; pregnancy (except for SPN)

Kinks: BONDAGE, lingerie, breathplay, blowjobs (in m/m pairings), edging, over-the-clothes-desperate-can't-wait-until-we're-undressed frottage, wrestling turning into sex, biting, scratching

Art Likes: (more specific art stuff will get added under individual fandoms); Stylized stuff that bends reality a bit; stylistic color uses; character moments

DNWs: Different setting AUs (canon-divergent is fine); A/B/O; Fluff; internalized homophobia/"am I bad for this" angst over same-sex attraction

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 (Anatole/Helene; Anatole/Helene/Natasha; Anatole/Helene/Dolokhov)
War and Peace (same ships)
Fic, Art

I love the decadent, opulent air that permeates this whole show, and I feel like that atmosphere complements Anatole/Helene(/+others) so well. 

I am 100% open to something that leans more towards the show's fun hedonistic tone, something that leans more towards the complexity and emotional depth of the novel, or something that tosses elements of both media together.

-Anatole and Helene (and Dolokhov) at a ball/party/social event, skirting the edge between acceptable and unacceptable behavior, sort of playing chicken with PDA. Flaunting their relationship. Spawning those rumors.
-Anatole and Helene (and Dolokhov) together in private, getting to connect and interact with a care and intimacy and genuine affection that they aren't allowed in public. 
-When Anatole and Helene first realize the nature of their feelings for each other. The first time they realize those feelings are reciprocated, the first time they really start their relationship. Seeing them become more wild and openly scandalous over the course of their relationship.
-Anatole and Helene mutually scheming over Natasha's seduction (while in bed with each other????). 
-Canon divergence where the elopement plan just doesn't exist. No going to ruin for Natasha. Anatole and Helene start to pull Natasha into their relationship (in any way: threesomes, voyeuristically getting pleasure from seeing Natasha with their sibling, anything in between). Maybe gradually ~corrupting~ Natasha, building up to Natasha learning the nature of their relationship.

-Costume porn. Helene in lingerie (and Natasha too if you want to go for that OT3). 
-Warm coloring comes to mind a lot for these ships for me.
-Kissing (or more) in a partially private area. Somewhere empty, but still public enough that someone could walk in on them. Semi-exhibitionism?

MCU (Thor/Loki)
Fic, Art

-I love pre-canon adventures in brotherfucking, before everything completely fell apart. The tensions and jealousy still very much present, but nothing has come to a head yet. Secret meetings. Brotherly brothel trips.
-Loki mpreg. <3 Precanon, with courtly scandal. Post-Avengers Loki mpreg resulting from prisoner sex, with all the complications that would add to their situation.
-Post TDW fic where Loki uses his magic to visit Thor and alter his memories temporarily--turning back their relationship to before everything went to shit.
-Thor sexily electrocuting Loki.
-I really love masochistic Loki.

-Playing with Loki's magic and Thor's storm powers. (Kinking on them?)
-Thor sexily electrocuting Loki.
-Loki mpreg.
-Sneaking around.

Supernatural (Sam/Dean)

-I know it's a bit of a cliche (or a staple), but I am always a sucker for motel sex while driving around to find the next case.
-I am most interested in something set around S1-5, especially 1-3, or something set pre-canon. 
-I would love something that really plays up their isolation, their codependence, and their whole us-against-the-world attitude. 
-I love their gradual reconciliation in season 1, and would love something playing with that.
-H/C Wincest is catnip for me.


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