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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you for writing for me! You ROCK. You are AWESOME, and I am so completely thrilled to see what you write. I love it already! All of these canons are near and dear to my heart, and basically anything you write me in any of these fandoms will make me squee and do a happy dance, and fireworks will go off in my heart. 

I am so sorry that this letter is up so late!

As far as general likes go, I love moral ambiguity. Characters who try to do good with results ranging from messy, grey, complicatedness to outright disaster. Obsession--characters being obsessed with their ideals to the point of it consuming them, characters obsessed and fascinated with each other, unrequited obsession. Characters who are just gleefully villainous. Guilt. Typically amoral characters feeling a rare twinge of guilt and confusing it for indigestion. Guilt as generally moral characters doing something they know is wrong (or morally grey at best), maybe because they believe it is necessary, or maybe because they are being tempted by the Dark Side, fascinated by evil as they dip their toes in hellfire. Politics. Intrigue. War. Intrigue. Scheming.

I prefer shippy fic to gen, but have a pretty broad idea of shipping. 

I am open to any rating, and am very open to porn. If you do choose to write porn, some of my favorite kinks include: seduction, teasing, sexy play wrestling, bondage, biting, fingers raking down backs, neck kissing, back kissing, painplay, first times, sibling incest (when applicable), temporary orgasm denial, hate sex, power differences

DNW: Alternate settings (though canon divergent AUs are great); fluff; A/B/O; watersports

Chaos Walking (Mistress Coyle, Mistress Thrace)

What I like about this canon: Moral ambiguity, ensemble cast of complex characters, excellent use of first person (unreliable narrator, limited knowledge, emotional insight), the uncertainty of history, lots of emotionally complex female characters, manipulation, tyranny, the effects of war on individuals, oh my god the worldbuilding, characters becoming figurative monsters (or heading in that direction) and being fully aware of that transformation, GUILT

If you don’t remember, Mistress Thrace was a Healer who was heavily involved in the Spackle War. She had a bomb named after her! After the war, she was not given a position on the Council because many (including the Answer) felt she had too much of a liking for being in control. She used a campaign of bombings against Haven in protest, but this ended when a bomb misfired. Mistress Coyle saved her life. Mistress Coyle was kicked off the Council. Mistress Thrace was executed.

I have a lot of feelings about Mistress Coyle. I ramble about her character a lot here, and I have outlined my Coyle/Thrace headcanons here, and I also have a headcanon Spackle War timeline, with lots of stuff about the Answer and also the Massacre here. (I’m mostly including these because it’s a pretty obscure pairing that isn’t quite obvious, and involves a barely mentioned character we never actually meet, during a time that is a decade pre-canon and is only touched upon in a handful of scattered, patchy, questionably reliable flashbacks. Feel free to use or ignore any of these thoughts and headcanons. I cannot overemphasize how optional these are.)

-War makes monsters of men and women. Coyle seeing herself becoming more and more monstrous, but also being convinced that her actions are necessary to stop Prentiss. But also wondering how much of this is a lie she is telling herself. What I’m getting at is: Coyle doubting herself, while still carrying forward with deadly conviction.

-Coyle and Thrace have an argument over participation in the Spackle War. Coyle reluctantly agrees to join the Answer. (That is my headcanon.) Maybe connect this to when she restarts the Answer to oppose Prentiss? Flashback/forward parallels?

-The (possibly relationship ending) bitterness Thrace would have towards Coyle for being given a position on the Council when Thrace wasn’t. (I picture Thrace being higher up on the chain of command for the Answer, and also being better-versed in warfare matters, while Coyle is more adept at political games and playing public opinion. Well, until she starts towards a semi-breakdown towards the end of her story. If you picture them differently, that’s great! I would love to see someone else’s take on their dynamic, since I’m currently the captain of a one-woman ship.)

-Mistress Coyle struggling with the fact that power and ambition is a strong motivator for her. (Something she criticized Thrace for years ago.) Really anything in which she sees heaping parallels between herself and Thrace, and angsting over it.

Crimson Peak (Lucille Sharpe)

What I like about this canon: creepy Gothic atmosphere/~aesthetic~, canon sibling incest (!!!), fucked up codependence with heavy potential/implications of abuse, creepy and morally bad female character, LUCILLE, manipulation, the dirty-bad-wrong incest fic and femslash fic potential


-Lucille/Thomas at pretty much any point. (Though if you want to depict the start of their physical relationship, I would appreciate if you aged them up a little bit? That being said, the start of the physical side of their relationship would be very interesting, and I would love to see it.) Lucille being caring, loving, and protective of Thomas, while also being emotionally abusive, possessive, and manipulative. I love the 

-Lucille teaching Thomas how to manipulate and seduce, in preparation for the murderous golddigging plot. Thomas noticing similarities between what Lucille is showing him and ways Lucille behaves towards him.

-Lucille/Edith, where Edith doesn’t go for Thomas’s advances because she doesn’t swing that way, and so Lucille has to have a go at her. 

-Lucille/Edith, where Lucille seduces Edith after Edith has married Thomas, as an extension of her possessiveness towards Thomas and maybe coming from some sort of territorial feelings.

Loki: Agent of Asgard

What I like about this canon: the whole lies=stories=magic thing; Loki being a little shit in the endearing, lovable scamp way; technologically proficient Loki; LADY LOKI (date me); the friendship between Loki and Verity; Loki’s crushing angst over kid!Loki’s death; Loki’s struggle for change mixed with a fear that it may not me possible; arguably canon genderfluid (or whatever word would best fit here) Loki; Slipping Verity’s lie-detecting power into the narration (either for humor or emotional impact) 

*Note: While I usually jump at sibling incest ships, and ship Thorki to pieces in MCU, I don’t really ship it here.

Prompts! (A lot of these are shippy prompts with room for porn, but I am fine with any rating. Fade to black is great. Explicit kinky porn is great. Flirting and innuendo without an implicit or explicit sex scene is great. Everything is great. Go for whatever you like.

-Lady Loki and Lorelei on another heist together, being very gay with each other. Bankrobber femslash with heaping amounts of banter. Frenemy sex while plotting intricate robberies. Loki surprising Lorelei by being smoothly romantic (and then maybe ruining it with some snark). Preferably after Lorelei knows that Loki is Loki. Maybe play off of Lorelei’s comment that old Loki was not as comfortable in female form (while new Loki is very comfortable). 

-While I wouldn’t want a full-blow A/B/O scenario, I would love to see something where Loki experiences heats due to his handwavy frost giant biology, preferably something other than the intersex trope in MCU Loki fandom. (I think he’s still a frost giant, right? I remember this being mentioned in JiM.) Verity finding out would be amazing, especially for the potential there to inject a lot of humor into the situation. 

-Loki (Lady Loki or Dude Loki) and Verity starting a FWB relationship. The balance can lean more towards the friends side or more towards the benefits side. It can develop into something more, or stay casual. Maybe Loki can switch (human) forms during sex. (If you go the D/s route, I have a slight preference for sub!Dude Loki, and no preference for Lady Loki.) 

-Goddess of Stories Loki shows up at Verity’s place a bit sooner (aka not shortly before the end of the world) than in canon. They are able to have a more drawn out introduction/reunion, and Verity can have more time to reflect on this new Loki. Cautiously curious femslash would be great here. I would be especially interested in “It seemed like a good idea at the time” moments of this Loki not being that great at knowing what is appropriate friendships or relationships. 

-Loki/King Loki. A non-con interpretation of that scene with Loki shirtless, muzzled, and strapped to a chair by King Loki, where King Loki forcibly pleasures Loki. Kinks for this particular prompt include: the obvious bondage; forced arousal and orgasm; blowjobs, fingering, and rimming are great; anal sex is a DNW here; no one knows what Loki likes like Loki does


Whoot whoot, science lesbian witch nuns who kiss sometimes! 

ANGST IS GREAT. Fic! Especially after the reveal with Atena this most recent issue, I need so much more! What is Atena's plan to save the arcanics? I like to think her feelings for Sophia are genuine, so how does she reconcile her pro-arcanic views (and apparent conscience) with Sophia's...well, everything. Child mutilation and murder, slaveholding, yeah. I love characters who try to do good but miss the mark in a lot of ways. Is celibacy practiced in by the cumaea? Do Atena and Sophia put up any sort of not-romantically-involved pretense in public? Does Sophia know or suspect Atena's sympathies? How did they first end up together? Did Atena start the relationship with undercover ulterior motives, and end up falling for Sophia over time?

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 (Natasha, Helene, Anatole, Dolokhov)

What I like about this canon: hedonistic party atmosphere + romantic intrigue + 19th century Moscow setting. Opulance!

General likes: Incest; period-appropriate homophobia and characters navigating that; social taboos; really revelling in the setting; ANGST

I would love any rating. I love hints and innuendos just as much as kinky PWP.

DNW: Alternate settings.


-This excerpt from an interview with Lucas Steele is deeply inspiring:
“And though we don’t play it out, there is definitely something incestuous going on between Anatole and Helene. There’s also a backstory going on with his buddy, Dolokhov. Anatole’s a guy who likes his pleasure.”

The incestuous threesome practically writes itself!

I would equally love a focus on the individual sides of this OT3, or all of them together. Or both.

-Anatole and Helene's first time geting all incesty together, and realizing the nature of their feelings for each other.

-Anatole and Helene in an established relationship, hiding their relationship, laughing at rumors, or seeing how close they can get to revealing their relationship without actually doing it (in a sort of thrill-seeking, almost exhibitionist way)

-The above prompt also very much applies to Anatole/Dolokhov, and Anatole/Helene/Dolokhov.

-That part is Charming when Helene reveals that she is seducing Natasha for her brother and not for herself is the biggest plot twist in all of musical theatre (and Charming remains the least heterosexual song about trying to get your brother laid by a woman ever written). How about an AU where Helene is there to seduce Natasha? 

-Semi-relevant note: I LOVE Natasha's corset during Charming, and would LOVE that being used in fic.

Pretty Deadly (Deathface Ginny, Alice)

What I like about this canon: the weird and morbid and beautiful western fairy tale ~*~AESTHETIC~*~, the weird sort of fantastical reality that this sort of fairy tale/folkstory lives in, literally everything about Deathface Ginny

My prompting here is a bit more general. I would absolutely love to see something expanding on their sort of cat-and-mouse relationship, ESPECIALLY if you take it in a shippy direction. I love the tension and the hints at the violent and messy history between them. Ginny trying to escape Death's world. Ginny being summoned as a vengeful spirit, and going on the run as Alice chases her and drags her back. Deathface Ginny is bought back at the end of volume 1. What is Alice's spirit comes back too? 

Also, this pairing would be a fantastic venue for pseudo-snuff fic, smut between Ginny and Alice, ending with Ginny running a sword through Alice, who evaporates into a cloud of butterflies.


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