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Hi Author!

Thank you so much for writing for me! Let the porn party begin!

My favorite kinks include:

BONDAGE, lingerie, breathplay, blowjobs, edging, over-the-clothes-desperate-can't-wait-until-we're-undressed frottage, f/f pregnancy (and baby bumps!), wrestling turning into sex, biting, scratching, dirty talk that focuses on how much the other character is enjoying what the dirty-talker is doing to them ("greedy slut", "you were made for this"), scar kink and blood kink

DNW: Modern/mundane AUs, watersports, vomit, characters 15 years old or younger in sex scenes, kidfic, fluff, A/B/O (I like heats and f/f or m/m pregnancies, just not in the context of A/B/O)

Star Wars: Rey/Kylo Ren
Kinks: Alternate Universe - Canonical Male Character is Always a Girl, F/F Pregnancy, Femdom, Object Insertion, Power Dynamics, Dubious Consent, Rape

My kink is Rey destroying Kylo. (And it's Kylo's kink too.)

As far as general scenarios go, I love "Oh no, we're stranded and our isolation has forced us together" set-ups, along with set-ups where they are fighting and their anger and aggression flows into fucking. Also, handwavey fuckbuddy set-ups are great.

-Alternate Universe- Canonical Male Character Always a Girl: I am obsessed with fem!Kylo. I love angry, fucked-up femslash porn. The Reylo dynamic between two female characters is heaven to me.

-F/F Pregnancy: An extension of F/F Reylo! Rey accidentally knocks up fem!Kylo Ren. How? The Force. I love pregnancy kink in femslash!

-Femdom: Femdom Rey is my catnip. Rey drawing on that wild ferocity she had during the fight in the snow, hurting Kylo (f or m) and getting off on it. Letting a sadistic streak that terrifies her a little bit bubble to the surface. Kylo loves it, and hates how much (she or he) loves it.

-Object Insertion: The lightsaber. Rey sticks it in Kylo's butt (f or m). Or her cunt, if you're going with fem!Kylo. Or Rey makes Kylo fellate the lightsaber while Rey holds it on her crotch like a cock (again, f or m).

-Power Dynamics/Dubious Consent/Rape: I would love an alternate version of the interrogation scene. Either Rey turning the tables and overpowering Kylo (f or m), or Kylo's (f/f only, if Kylo is the aggressor) the interrogation of her leading somewhere more sexually menacing.

DNW: Het pregnancy. M/f non-con (or dub-con in which the power imbalance favors dude!Ren). Dude!Ren fucking Rey with a lightsaber.

Les Miserables: Jehan Prouvaire/Montparnasse
Kinks: Alternate Universe - Demons, Demonic Seduction, Knifeplay, Kinking On The Macabre, Blood Magic, Semi-Public Sex

Canon era only, please.

-A mugging goes a little bit differently than planned.

-Jehan and Montparnasse have regular encounters, sometimes in an empty building, sometimes in a city park, sometimes in a church, sometimes in an alley.

-(KNIFEPLAY. I just want to reiterate that tag.)

-AU where Montparnasse is a demon. Maybe Jehan summons him while playing around with occult rituals. Maybe Montparnasse is a sex demon that specializes in tempting mortals, either through demon magic or through a skillful tongue (heh).

-Maybe demons roam the Paris streets at night, and Jehan has an encounter.

General likes: What really gets me about this ship is the contrast between the two characters, and how they sort of mirror each other. Montparnasse is essentially darker, but drawn towards beauty and luxury. Jehan (leaning on the darker side of Romantic) is essentially lighter, drawn towards darkness and extremity and the macabre with a morbid fascination. There is so much tension built into the ship, along with the strange potential for attraction.

Add that dynamic to some alleyway sex, and you've got a match made in hell.

DNW: Non-con. Alternate settings.

Loki: Agent of Asgard- Lady Loki/Lorelei
Kinks: F/F Pregnancy, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Sex Toys (Magic), Bondage, Blood Magic

Any tag (or all, if you're feeling ambitious): -Lady Loki and Lorelei on another heist together, being very gay with each other. Bankrobber femslash with heaping amounts of banter. Frenemy sex while plotting intricate robberies. Loki surprising Lorelei by being smoothly romantic (and then maybe ruining it with some snark that doesn't play over as well). A combination of blowing off steam from the heist and continuing a competitive game of one-upping each other.

Fpreg: After a casual encounter(s) with Lorelei, Lady!Loki ends up accidentally pregnant

Heats: Loki goes through heats, and Lorelei helps out. Bonus points if fpreg happens. Or is implied. Or even mentioned in passing as a possibility.

Sex Toys (Magic) and Blood Magic: Loki likes to show off what she can do with her magic.

General likes: Maybe play off of Lorelei’s comment that old Loki was not as comfortable in female form (while new Loki is very comfortable). I love the dynamic between them, and would love to see Loki being mischeivous, enthusiastic, playful, and sweet (but also frustrating), and Lorelei being caught between "Fuck it, I am never seeing Loki again so long as I live" and "Let's fuck."

DNW: Sex between them when Lorelei doesn't know Loki is Loki.

Loki: Agent of Asgard- Loki/King Loki
Kinks: Non-Consensual Oral Sex, Forced Orgasm, Unwelcome Arousal, Unwilling Arousal, Rape

You know that time when King Loki had AoA Loki muzzled, shirtless, and tied to a chair? What if that whole scene went in a much more non-con direction? I would love blowjobs, handjobs, and rimming in this scenario.

Some notes--

Forced orgasm/unwelcome arousal: No one knows Loki like Loki does, and no one knows how to get Loki off like Loki does. AoA Loki *hates* how good it is.

Slut shaming: King Loki knows AoA Loki's past, including his (very extensive) sexual history.
General likes: Forced pleasure and humiliation at that pleasure.

DNW: Consenting Loki. Loki not being aroused.

Person of Interest: Root/The Machine, Shaw/The Machine
Kinks: Artificial Intelligence Sex, Masturbation, Worship, Autoerotic Asphyxiation

I love the idea of The Machine guiding either Root or Shaw in masturbation.

The Machine/Root: I would love Root's religious take of the Machine to shine through here.

The Machine/Shaw: The Machine tries to help Shaw deal with her grief over Root's death by guiding her through masturbation with Root's voice, letting Shaw escape into a fantasy where she and Root are still together for a little while.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Thor/Loki
Kinks: Reluctant Sadist, Dominant Masochism, Erotic Electrostimulation, Punishment, Masochism, Painplay


-Thor confronts Loki in his cell after the events of The Avengers. It turns into angry, punishment sex on Thor's end, with an unhealthy dose of masochism on Loki's end. Thor using his lightning powers on Loki would be amazing. As would the use of Lichtenburg figures (branching marks on the skin that occasionally occur when high voltage electricity discharges across the skin). References to a past sexual relationship are A+.

-A pre-movie scene where Loki has masochistic tendencies and convinces Thor to help him indulge them. I would especially like an initially reluctant Thor who ends up getting very into it. Loki being adamantly enthusiastic is also fantastic, as is Loki setting up a safeword so he can loudly protest without having Thor stop.

General likes: Masochistic Loki. Loki and Thor can't live without each other, even when there are mountains of hate and anger between them. They get off on the incest aspect. Blowjobs blowjobs blowjobs blowjobs. Dub-con, especially for the punishment prompt. Loki bringing up the possibility of pregnancy (more as a statement of fact than a warning), even if it Loki mpreg doesn't actually happen. Although Loki mpreg would be very welcomed (so long as others don't learn that Thor is the father).

DNW: Raised separately AUs. Not-incest AUs. Intersex Jotuns. Friends and/or family knowing about the incest. Non-con


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