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Hello, you beautiful person, you! So, this is my first Yuletide, and I can hardly even begin to express how excited I am!

Looking over other letters, it would seem that the thing to do now is talk about general likes and general DO NOT WANTS.

Likes: Ships. Character analysis. Morally ambiguous characters. Characters who are pretty unambiguously awful.

Dislikes: Porn without characterization (so much worse than porn without plot, imho); hateships; modern/mundane AUs

I should mention my stance on porn fics, if you want to write one: They are lovely, so long as there is characterization intact. In most cases, I like a fair bit of interaction beforehand. Depending on the ship, this could be manipulative seduction, cutesy romantic stuff, or really anything. First-time fics are especially great.

Good porn things: First-time for one of the characters, awkwardness, blowjobs, frottage, temporary orgasm denial (especially for guys), running fingers down the back, bondage, biting, playfulness, playful wrestling, play, wrestling, wrestling that is sexy and playful, play that is sexy and involves wrestling.

DO NOT WANT-type porn things: A/B/O, mpreg, sadomasochism, D/s, non-con (dub-con okay in some; I will note which), watersports, scat, dirty talk, adult/child, parent/child, young teens having sex. I read an f/f erotica story once where one lady brought the other lady to orgasm by rubbing her breast against the other lady’s clit, and I just couldn’t take that mental image seriously.

EDIT: I would prefer not to have pure, tooth-rotting fluff, except for the pairings where I specifically mention it.

However, if you don’t want to write porny stuff, that’s totally fine too. Fade to black, two-sentence vague descriptions, passing references, no reference to sex at all. Whatever, really. Just write whatever you’re comfortable with. I don’t prefer porn to not-porn. Either/both would completely and totally rock.

Shippy stuff is preferable to gen, though. If you really don’t want to write shippy stuff, then that’s okay. I would just prefer shipping.

My Chaos Walking ramble is longest because that’s the fandom I am most active in and have given the most amount of thought. It's just that one fandom I never shut up about. It doesn’t mean I want it any more than the others. Any fic will make me super happy.

Chaos Walking, by Patrick Ness
What I like about this canon: Moral ambiguity, ensemble cast of complex characters, excellent use of first person (unreliable narrator, limited knowledge, emotional insight), the uncertainty of history, lots of emotionally complex female characters, manipulation, tyranny, the effects of war on individuals, oh my god the worldbuilding.
My ships: Mistress Coyle/Mistress Thrace, Maddy/Corinne, Ben/Cillian (no dub-con in any of these)

If you don’t remember, Mistress Thrace was a Healer who was heavily involved in the Spackle War. After the war, she was not given a position on the Council because many (including the Answer) felt she had too much of a liking for being in control. She used a campaign of bombings against Haven in protest, but this ended when a bomb misfired. Mistress Coyle saved her life. Mistress Coyle was kicked off the Council. Mistress Thrace was executed.

I have lots of Coyle feels. I ramble about her character a lot here: http://corinne-the-healer.tumblr.com/tagged/mistress+coyle/

Potential prompts and general ideas (feel free to ignore and do your own thing.)

-Anything from before the Prentisstown Massacre. Set anywhere, Elizabethtown/Prentisstown, Haven, Horizon. Anywhere.

-I have outlined my Coyle/Thrace headcanons here: http://corinne-the-healer.tumblr.com/post/56033685742/oooh-do-tell-some-thrace-coyle-headacanons#notes
Seeing any of these expanded on in fic format would be awesome.
I also have a headcanon Spackle War timeline, with lots of stuff about the Answer and also the Massacre, if that helps at all: http://corinne-the-healer.tumblr.com/post/54287561097/spackle-war-the-answer-and-prentisstown-massacre
(I'm mostly including these because it's a pretty obscure pairing that isn't quite obvious, and involves a barely mentioned character we never actually meet. Just trying to give jumping off points.)

-If you don't find my headcanons to be something you can work with, but have your own ideas to work with about Mistress Coyle, Mistress Thrace, Ben, Cillian, or Todd's parents before the Massacre, then go for it. I'd

-Literally anthing for Coyle/Thrace, really. Fluff. Angst. There's lots of room for angst. Maybe them dating on Old World?

-Ben and Cillian on Old World. Ben knows he will be leaving for New World, and Cillian has not decided to come yet. (Whether Ben has offered or not is up to you. It’s would be a big thing to ask, arguably a bigger commitment than marriage.) Maybe smut with pillow-talk about going together.

-Coyle and Thrace have an argument over participation in the Spackle War. Coyle reluctantly agrees to join the Answer.

-The (possibly relationship ending) bitterness Thrace would have towards Coyle for being given a position on the Council when Thrace wasn't. (I picture Thrace being higher up on the chain of command for the Answer, and also being better-versed in warfare matters, while Coyle is more adept at political games and playing public opinion. Well, until she starts towards a semi-breakdown towards the end of her story. If you picture them differently, that's cool too. I just don't think many (any) others have thought over this pairing or Thrace's character.)

-Corinne/Maddy fluff. Them being cute girlfriends.

-The Healing apprentices all share quarters by/in the House of Healing. It’s like boarding school!

-Explain why Mistress Coyle goes to Horizon, while Thrace stays in Haven.

-Ben and Cillian first reacting to the Noise. Or adjusting to the Noise. Or having sexy sex while playing with how Noise effects sexual dynamics.

-AU where Maddy and Corinne survive and Corinne has to deal with being in the Answer’s camp.

-Mistress Coyle struggling with the fact that power and ambition is a strong motivator for her. (Something she criticized Thrace for years ago.) Really anything in which she sees heaping parallels between herself and Thrace, and angsting over it.

If none of these work for you, feel free to do your own thing.

DO NOT WANT, please: Tiola (I get enough of it from canon; it’s fine in the background, though), Prentiss/Anyone (especially not Coyle, Davy, Todd, or Viola), hating on any character (especially Mistress Coyle), white Corinne (you don’t have to go out of your way to describe her as POC; just avoid descriptions of her as white). Thanks!

Eugene Onegin, by Pushkin
What I like/ships: I ship Onegin/Lensky to death (hehe *sobs*); dub-con is okay here (Onegin being extra insistent, proceeding without Lensky’s consent, “no no yes”, Onegin purposely getting Lensky drunk—or not, maybe he’d appreciate the challenge of seducing a relatively sober Lensky)

-Bi!Onegin takes a bit more of an interest in Lensky than friendship. He seduces Lensky for casual amusement (with lots of authorial attention on the seduction). At first, Onegin is more emotionally removed, but starts to fall for Lensky over time. He’s still an asshole, though, even when falling for him.

-Sort of an extension of that, the whole toying with Olga thing would be interesting by adding shippy emotions between Onegin and Lensky.

-References to setting-appropriate homophobia is A+.

-No duel scene, please. :(

(So, funny story. I haven’t read this for years, but just saw the ballet a few nights ago, and it reminded me of how much I ship this. And so it ended up on my list. If anything in the prompt sounds super out of character, just ignore it.)

Also, if you could call Onegin something other than Eugene, that would be much appreciated. Idk, you could use Yevgeny or however the transliteration of Russian would be. Or you could just call him Onegin. When I see “Eugene”, I think of that Hey Arnold character.

Wicked (the musical)
Ships: Elphaba/Glinda

-Anything fluff

-They are roommates. Porn, cuddles, dancing, hair-doing…the possibilities are endless. Roommate stuff is probably what I would most like.

-Bittersweet angst, comforting Elphie about her past.

-Addressing where Fiyero fits into this (for Glinda…maybe ignoring Elphie’s crush on him)

-They meet up again sometime after Defying Gravity but before (or shortly after) Thank Goodness.

-Literally anything for this ship will make me happy.

Skins (UK)
What I like: Tony being an emotionally manipulative little shit. Frank dealings with sexuality. Unhealthy relationships.
Ships: Anything slash or femslash. Dub-con is okay. (Actually, dub-con would be extra-appreciated in this fandom, if that's something you'd be down with writing.)
First gen only. I requested Tony as he is the most interesting to me, but any of the first gen would be great.

-One of the presumably straight characters seeks out and enjoys a same-gender sexual experience. Denies being not-straight. If you don’t want to do porn, maybe just focus on the seeking out part? Either way, character exploration is very big for me.

-Tony manipulating a guy friend into sex (maybe Maxxie again, maybe someone else).

-Maybe give Maxxie a more layered personality? Some flaws? Add texture to his character? What does he like besides dancing and boys?

-Discussions of sexuality and sexual orientation are great.

Thanks for reading this. Holy shit, you have the patience of a really patient person. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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